Outlaw Apiaries Alpine Strawberry Creamed Honey-22OZ


Alpine Strawberry Creamed Honey-22OZ

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Alpine strawberries, also known as woodland strawberries, are a special delicacy that Routt County residents can enjoy throughout the summer. Alpine strawberries, or Fraises des Bois, are a charming and well-behaved perennial that produce continuous, tiny (about ¾ inch), berries with a wildly intense flavor that one might describe as “truly ambrosial.”

Our Alpine Strawberry Creamed Honey is made from dehydrating locally grown alpine strawberries and infusing them with our clover & alfalfa honey in a jar in the sun for two weeks. We rotate the jar once a day which allows the heat from the sun to infuse with the oils from the dehydrated strawberries. The next step of the process is to cream the honey by adding creamed honey seed and letting the honey “relax” in a cool temperature for 7-10 days. The total process from start to finish takes roughly six weeks.

Try smearing our Alpine Strawberry Creamed Honey over toast or a bagel. Our customers recommend slathering it over waffles or pancakes!

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